Treat Yo'Self Girl: 5 Ways to Enjoy Your Next Vacation


Photo Credit: Finding Paola

So Groupon came through for you and you finally booked that all-inclusive trip to the Bahamas. Congrats beauty! You finally reached that point where you made it happen and now all you have to do is pack, right? Maybe so, but often times, people come back from their getaways disappointed in their trip. This happens because expectations weren’t aligned with reality. But I made a list just for you so you will have the best time of your life on the vacation you deserve. Awww!


Don’t be a sloth and lay around in your hotel room. Surprisingly enough, many people do this even after the fact that they rested up once they landed and got situated. Go find activities to do in the city you’re in, especially for my internationally traveling beauties. Check out tourist’s areas, participate in activities you wouldn’t normally do in the city you're vacaying in.

2. BE A FOODIE ( if you aren't one already)

In many cultures around the world, it’s disrespectful to say no to a dish when it’s offered to you. Don’t be that person that pisses someone off. They’re giving you food. Try it at least. For my picky eaters, open your mind if you want to travel. Unless you have certain food allergies, trying a little bit of everything won’t kill you.


Many people make the mistake of living that vamp life when they go on a trip. Stay in all day and stay out all night. Day time activities are full of just as much fun as the night life wherever you may go when you vacation somewhere.


One of the biggest downfalls of a trip is blowing all your money on a hotel room once you reach your destination. You saved up all this money and majority of it goes towards the room you’re barely in during your stay. That’s ridiculous. Don’t try to go all out on the hotel if it’s not realistic to do that and be able to have enough funds left for exploring, eating and doing any other fun activities while you’re vacationing. There are plenty of deals for hotels on Expedia, Travelocity and Groupon. Spend smart, not more.


Plan your designated days accordingly. Put together some kind of schedule in your phone for the activities you want to do in the amount of time you have when you travel. There have been too many times where I take a vacation, and come back feeling like I didn’t do everything that I originally wanted to. Sure, things pop up, but make sure if you’re crunched for time, that you’re spending your time wisely. Wake up early to start your days if you have a lot of ground you want to cover when you travel to a certain state or country.

Treat Yo'Self girl and stay beautiful!