5 Signs It's Time to Walk Away

  1. You keep asking yourself whether it’s time to go. Intuition is God’s voice speaking to us. if you’re constantly asking whether your current experience is right for your life, then guess what — I’d bet money it’s not right for your life. You know what happiness and fulfillment look like; trust yourself.
  2. You can’t remember the last time you enjoyed the experience. Any experience that feeds our spirits should instantly prompt positive memories or thoughts. Stop and think about your current struggle. If you have to force yourself to think of something positive, then it might be time to go.
  3. Everybody from your therapist to your mama to the old lady on the bus knows how much pain you’re in. Ever broke down and cried when an acquaintance asked how your day was going? I have. When your pain becomes the topic of every discussion (including nonverbal cues), then it’s consuming your well being.  Feeling the need to constantly unload your painful experiences on others is a key sign that your emotional burden is too much to bear.
  4. You’re losing sleep. Sleep is essential to our physical and mental health. If stress and anxiety are keeping you up at night, then your current struggle is winning twice. Not only is your day consumed by pain, but it’s hijacking your rest too. Sleep should be like the hope diamond — priceless.
  5. You spend more time shadow boxing than focusing on reality. Are you cursing your boss out while watching tv? Planning your next argument with bae while folding clothes? If so, your subconscious is desperately trying to gain control over something that’s left you unsettled. While brooding over negative encounters can make us feel more powerful in the moment, shadow boxing only anticipates (and breeds) more negativity.

Before I could make a strong commitment to self-care, I had to purge certain people, places and things from my life: I ended a three-year toxic relationship, got rid of unhealthy friendships, stopped smoking cigarettes and found a bomb therapist. Sure, I have rough days, but negativity is no longer a perpetual anchor weighing me down in toxic waters.

I’m sending love and positive vibes to folks facing emotional hardships. While your burden may be heavy today, remember we have the power to live through wars.