The Art of Wellness: Part One


In our community, I’ve noticed a lack of balance in our lives, because I was once there.  We are so busy caring for others that we completely forget about ourselves.  What is not understood is if we do not care for self, it is impossible to be fully present and care for others.

Wellness is a state of being whole with the three aspects of our being, mind + body + spirit as they are all interconnected. Therefore, when one aspect of our being is not functioning properly or off balance, our self as a whole becomes off balance. I have also learned that the elements of Mamma Earth, Air, Earth, Fire and Water are an integral part of our wellness.  This is why it is of utmost importance to include nature into our lives as often as possible. Taking a brief walk in the park, sitting near the ocean, stepping outside into the sun all send triggers to the human body that promote wellness. Here is a guide to explain how the elements of the universe work with our bodies:

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4MAGENDAVIDSwithtextforall4Elements - Copy
  • Earth = Our Skeletal system
  • Water= All of the fluids in the body
  • Fire= Enzymes of the body as well as our intellect
  • Wind= Circulation, breathe and downward wind (elimination of body fluids)
  • Ether/Air = Space in the Body that stimulates communication or emptiness in our cells

The way we live, who we allow in our space, the words we speak, the thoughts we have, the food we put in our bodies, all affect our well-being.   I have practiced yoga on and off for 7 years, it wasn’t until recently I discovered how my practice, along with prayer and meditation has changed my life for the better.  As a woman of color I am fully in-tune with my body and who I am. I invite all who read this, if you have never tried yoga; please do so it will change your life.  With the advancement of technology you can practice in the privacy of your own home.  If you are able to visit a local yoga studio in your community please do. Some communities are now doing yoga through donation so it is not as costly as you think.  Queens, please take the time to love on you!