Meet Brittney Marshall, Founder & CEO of MyBrownBox

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I launched MBB in 2013, as one of the first monthly subscription beauty boxes that catered to helping women of color discover beauty products that complement their natural beauty (hence our name). After a year, I realized that our purpose was much greater than being just a "beauty box". 

Today we stand as a community-driven platform that inspires women of color to be great, take risks and create their own reality!

I invite you on this journey of magic cultivation with us!

Brittney Marshall, MyBrownBox Founder & CEO

A Black Lotus Blossom: My First Yoga Experience

A Black Lotus Blossom: My First Yoga Experience


A tall chocolate beauty walks into a local yoga studio. A sea of earthy Jade and sweat wicking Lululemon mats greet her. She unrolls her bright purple Target mat and throws down a turquoise green microfiber towel, and sits down. The reflection in the mirror—a singular chocolate chip in a batch of sugar cookies. She smiles into the mirror, and a few women smile back. I was this girl. A little over two years ago, I walked into my first yoga class. I’d taken a class here and there in PE or was dragged along by a friend, but I’d never really enjoyed or connected with it. It didn’t feel right. I was an athlete and yoga was just stretching. It wasn’t “hardcore” enough, but I was wrong. Yoga is a different kind of power.

I will never forget that first heated Vinyasa Flow class. On that day, I opened my mind. The poses were hard. I wasn’t aligned properly, but my instructor Kim was patient, kind, and encouraging. She had a way of making you feel like you were the only person there. I was truly engaging with myself. Breath heavy. Sweat dripping to the mat.


Breathing into poses was foreign. I’d never realized how disconnected I was from my own body. I remember praying for it to end. It was so hot. It was so difficult. It was so different.

Kim spoke. Her words washed over me and awakened someone I thought I lost. She talked that day about being good to your body. She shared about her eating disorder; and the mother and media that drove it. Kim talked about the body as a gift—this life as a gift. She believed younger generations of women need body positive role models. Kim challenged us to be them. I wept in savasana that day. Tears falling down my face into the pools of sweat I’d created. Becoming a salty sweet patch of ground to blossom from as we returned to our final OM.

My essence breathed a new life. I left powerful. I left renewed. I’d found a community, a place where the only thing that mattered was your mat, your mind, and your body.

The Art of Wellness: Part One

The Art of Wellness: Part One

Finding Peace in the Midst of Fear

Finding Peace in the Midst of Fear