3 Ways to Become a Manifesting Queen


One of the greatest things that I am so grateful that I have learned in this life journey is the power of manifestation. Goals have turned to reality even beyond my own desires or belief. Many of us have read books like the Secret, A New Earth, and of course ancient teachings premiering these thoughts like the Bible, detailing the way in which to manifest our best life. However in applying these teachings, the modern world can be a daunting blank canvas when navigating manifestation success. Furthermore the dynamic circumstances that life throws at us, although organic, in the moment can feel paralyzing in our journey to manifest our visions. Here I describe 3 ways in which I have learned to see manifestation techniques through and truly own living my best life.

1. Make your vision tangible!

Your vision is your plan, and it is our duty to make this plan as clear as possible. This means creating something physical to begin the process of bringing your vision to reality. Furthermore any plan is only as good as it itโ€™s timeline, so before you begin your process of manifestation, think about a time frame in which you would like to see your vision come to fruition. For me, putting my plan on paper has been a tremendous boost in clarity to my vision. I start with journaling in vast detail what I am grateful for and writing a prayer of gratitude. Then I write down goals for this given time frame, and because I am a visual person I make a corresponding vision board. I treat this process as a sacred ritual, and try to make sure that my energy is in alignment with prosperity. No matter your preferred method of planning, whether vision board, journaling, or something more tactile, make sure to create a detailed map of your goals.

2. Believing takes more than wishing.

All guides to manifestation prescribe faith and wholeheartedly believing that what you are envisioning will come to be; however few tell us how to harness such faith. What I have found with working with so many clients helping them reach their goals is that emotional well-being is key in believing positive things are destined for you. This includes working through any mental health issues like major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, or even trauma. Such issues thwart manifestation due to devastating symptoms that perpetuate self-sabotage, feelings of insecurity or depletion, and constant vigilance. Therapy with a licensed professional is one of the best ways to treat mental health issues, and help you manifest your best life easier. For tips on how to find a therapist for you, read my article: How to find the best therapist for you.  Other components key in harnessing faith in your plan are loving yourself, aiming for a peaceful life, and blessing others, all of which create abundance in your life that makes it easier to believe in positive changes.

3. Reflection

One of the most beautiful parts of the manifestation process is the realization of how abundantly blessed you are in every moment. True manifestation requires constant gratitude and internal reflection on the internal peace and happiness we get just from being. Therefore my manifestation process includes a consistent meditation practice and I truly push myself to constantly honor the divinity within me. To find out more how meditation can change your life, read my article, 3 reasons meditation will change your life forever. Also noteworthy, reflection is the only true way of realizing when your vision has come to fruition, and many times this is when you realize your goals have been exceeded with unexpected prosperity.

I hope these tips help you become the Manifesting Queen that you are! Wishing you many blessings on your journey.