How to Stand Out in a Room Full of Hoes

H** (/hō/) – Unable to think for one’s self, models life after what’s popular and trendy, has childlike mentality, selfish, unwilling to change.

When we are young in mind the characteristics about us that we think attracts the right person, that's going to get us that perfect someone, usually are based off of superficial reasons. I can think back to my younger self thinking I would never find my perfect someone because I didn’t have “My Stuff” together. Life and Wisdom taught me the “Stuff” that you need to have together is your mind. It’s no way around it; you have to change your mindset if you want to offer something of value to someone else.

The Young Mind Thinks:

“I have my own house, my own car, a good job, why can't I get someone?"

Anyone can possess those things, but what other  characteristics/qualities do you have that make you stand out?

"I don't have any kids, I have good credit, and I have my degree why am I still single?"

These are usually the bread and butter of everyone’s “the one list”, but not all people need these things on that list, because it’s possible to find happiness with someone who already has a child or children, you can fall in love with someone with bad credit and help them build up good credit, and you can find love in someone without a degree, that person could be skilled or an entrepreneur.

“So am I supposed to settle?"

No, you're not, but you have to look deeper within, way deeper. The problem isn’t always them, what can you make better about you?

Just Stop!

Stop being so selfish looking only at what they can do for you, how about some things you can bring to better them.

Stop thinking your sex game is so amazing and that your body is so spectacular that everyone should want you and that no one will leave you.

Stop looking for happiness in other people, find yourself, and then seek a partner.

These are things that you just have to stop doing in order to have a meaningful relationship. Included in this process of rewiring the mind is to be honest about your wants, needs, and desires. How many times have we been in a relationship with someone and it was getting serious quick? They were invested, and you just weren’t ready for that yet… or vice versa. Know what you want and most importantly what you don’t want from the beginning.


Do not continue on with someone who isn't walking in your same path!

Do not sugarcoat your feelings and hold back just for their sake.

Do not waste your time because it's precious, we are only getting older you shouldn’t expect anything less than what you desire.

Everywhere you turn you are being told how your perfect someone should look, how much money they should have, what type of clothes they should wear, all these things we face daily that we base our happiness and quality of life on.

We fall into these imaginary grading systems and hold ourselves back from the one God has destined us to be with. We hurt ourselves more by being unreal with who we are and placing ourselves in unfulfilling relationships.

Stand Out

You want to stand out? Well why? Do you want to be noticed for what you have or for who you are? Are you just tired of being alone and want someone around? Are you ready to build something with someone? Do you want someone that can just do something for you?

Be obvious about your wants.

Be obvious about your intentions.

Be obvious about your desires.

With so many people modeling themselves, their goals, and relationships after what's hot, what's popular, and what media portrays as the "it" thing, be different. Shatter your young way of thinking about what people can do for you and be a value to someone else. Don’t try to fit the mold of what you think everyone else wants, learn to find your happiness within yourself, and be honest about your wants. Don’t be another H** in the room, stand out.