All About That Yoni: Feminine Hygiene Advice Shared by REAL Black Women


It's all about that Yoni honey! We all know how complex and sacred female anatomy is, and you better believe that when it comes to our lady parts we can’t afford to cut any corners! We recently took to the MyBrownBox community to dive deep into the power of pussy and received some sacred Yoni self care tips from some dope black women.

Now we know that the best advice in regards to women’s health and wellness should come from certified health professionals or subject matter experts however, we do believe in home remedies and holistic health so we couldn’t help but share the secrets our MBB sister’s sprinkled on us. Check out their tips below. 

  1. Raw cranberry juice, lots of water and a daily probiotic. I buy the R.W. Knudsen Fruit Juice brand cranberry juice (it's really bitter but worth it) I purchase mine at WalMart. brit_bratty

  2. Boric acid suppositories aid in restoring a more homeostatic pH balance. So used after sex (pH levels resulting in BV/yeast are usually changes influenced by sperm and lube, but can also be changed by what you eat) you can quickly change the pH of the vaginal canal by direct application - rather than using ingested methods which may take a few days to a few weeks to change and colonize in your body, BA takes hours to a few days.
    Also! A sexual partner with good hygiene AND a general understanding of reproductive systems. ACV shots with the "mother" in it liquid chlorophyll, a daily probiotic, cranberry/pineapple juice NOT from concentrate, as little hair removal as possible (as it pleases yourself) and occasionally boric acid for BV theculturalasset

  3. Eat a clean diet, less sugar, drink more water, NO DOUCHING! tiggersgal05

  4. Remove wet or sweaty clothing as soon as possible from the area. Wear cotton panties versus other materials. Do NOT use baby powder or douche. transformationyogasc

  5. Only use water on it directly to wash. 🤦🏽‍♀️ taylorthemirror

  6. Baby soap. ACV. Garlic. Lots and lots of cranberry and pineapple. I just incorporate it in my food often or I boil it in water and put it in my bath or drink it. hotpotatojuan

  7. Nature’s Sunshine’s Pau D’Arco, Water, Coconut Oil, and daily PH Balance soap w/o washclothwordsbystef

  8. Love your body. Love every part of it. That means choosing products and people who treat you well. exhalewell

  9. Lavender and olive oil after a wax. I massage into my labias and just massage the skin 💜erica__chadwick__

  10. You are what you eat, leafy greens, almonds, none citrus fruits and salmon are great for her. No soaps or douches! And drink half your body weight in water. dehattciab_

  11. Celibacy (nobody messing with my PH 🤷🏽‍♀️) Daily eating my probiotics + fruit , cucumber water, no perfume soap especially on the 🐱, organic pads/panty liners, coconut oil as soon as I get out the shower. meanttobeyasmine

  12. Stay away from men who aren’t good for your PH balance, get treated for BV and yeast infections. Use a natural feminine wash. I’ve been using @thehoneypotco with my hand and I love it!! greatbrittla

  13. Tepid sitz baths (sprinkle in a little baking soda or Epsom salt, or use plain water), and do NOT douche or use soap. Don't do it! cubiclerevolt

  14. Cotton pads! The best. I have one heavy day and the rest is damn near spotting. Very little if not non-existence cramps and no BV. iammelodyco

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