It Takes a Village: Why Your Friends Should Support You in Business

Today in the Facebook group Brand, Build + Launch the administrator posted a status from Myleik Teele where she states she has never expected her friends to support her businesses, show up or buy anything. There are many different ways you can support a friend in business which is why I disagree with Myleik's post. 

I remember not having friends around to support my stationery business, Purpose Planner when I first started and it was HORRIBLE! Yes, my business continued to grow without their support BUT I would be lying if I said I was okay not having them in my corner. Who doesn’t want their tribe to celebrate growth and accomplishments with them?

Now I know some of you are thinking well Myleik said “expect” and you shouldn’t expect anything from people. But don’t we expect our spouse to be committed, don’t we expect our jobs to pay us every 2 weeks? Why are we settling when it comes to setting standards for our friendships?

If you don’t have friends around you that support you, the harsh truth is you are lacking in the "friend" department . I’m not saying they have to buy all your products or show up to every event you host either. Support is not limited, there are a multitude of ways one can show their support to friends in business. But my point is, success in business takes a village.

My list below breaks down 6 ways you can show support to your hardworking, BrownGirl Boss friend who has her own business.


    The biggest way to support your friend's business is to pray for them. We all know prayer changes things and you never know the business woes they could be going through. They may not always tell you about the investor that dropped out, or the customer that cussed them out. So look out for them in a way that truly matters. Allow God to step in on ways you’ll never be able to support.

    I work in marketing so I fully grasp how the algorithms have changed over the years on social media. I’m not spending ad dollars behind every post for my company it's just not realistic. So the more engagement, I get the better my impressions will become.
    It takes two seconds to share a friend's blog post, podcast or link to your audience. Literally two seconds y’all. Help spread their post to a broader audience and allow new people to be introduced to your friend's business.

    I recently experienced my first Black Friday as a business owner and the response was amazing! I never texted my friends and asked them to buy anything but they did!!!! Some friends even purchased products at midnight when the sale started. I had friends who spent $3 and others who spent over $100. Every amount is appreciated and helps me towards my longterm financial goal. I didn’t have to pull teeth to get them to purchase but it goes without saying, if they offered a service or had a product I would sow the same back into them.

    I can recall having my first Purpose Planner event and one of my friends was out of town but guess what, she still showed up! The day after she asked how the event was and expressed how proud of me she was. If your friend's business includes conferences, summits or workshops throughout the year, make it a priority to show up to at least ONE. This action will never go unnoticed.

    Maybe your friend just started their business or is having their first conference. Shoot them over a text letting them know that you’re rooting for them. Tell them that you are proud of them and wish them nothing but success. They’ll appreciate your support in the form of encouraging words!

    Your friends should be challenging you to GROW! Nothing will make you motivated to achieve your own personal goals more than watching your friends go out into the wide world and make something of themselves. The saying goes, “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” What does your friendship say about your future?

Support varies from person to person but its such a blessing to know that  you have friends in your corner cheering you on! Share how you support your friends in business below.

Featured Image Photo Credit: @iamminglee