Brown Girl Glow Up: 3 DIY Skincare Essentials For Fall

Summer has come to an end. Goodbye sun dresses and short shorts. Time to unpack your chunky scarves and knee high boots.  As the weather changes, so do your skin’s needs.  Here are some skin care must haves to keep your glow up strong during the upcoming season change. 

Sea Salt scrubs. This is a year round must have for exfoliation but it’s especially helpful when the air gets cold. It gently gets rid of dead skin so that your moisturizer works better.  It also works as a detox when used as a bath soak in warm water.

Jojoba Face moisturizer. Cold air can make your skin dry, cracked, and dehydrated. A jojoba and vitamin E oil blend is an amazing protective layer for your skin. Jojoba oil is a light moisturizer that matches your skin’s natural oil production. The vitamin E oil gives it just a bit more healing moisture to keep you glowing when the temperature drops.

Whipped Shea Butter. You can use this on your lips or hair ends to seal in moisture. It’ll prevent chapped lips and split ends from becoming a problem.  It also works great as a cuticle night cream.

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