Declutter Your Space in 2017 and Regain Your Strength

Over last year I’ve adopted tendencies of a minimalist, which helped when I moved across the country, but I wish I would have started a lot sooner. Now, I wouldn’t call myself a hoarder, but I have this habit of holding onto things because they carry sentimental value or I think that I may want it on a rainy day. It wasn’t easy to adopt this new way of life, but I wanted to see how I could benefit from it. I started with the purging of clothes and shoes. I got rid of everything I hadn’t worn within the last three years (this was the best I could do at the time). Next, I got rid of just stuff: books, old birthday cards, school work, electronics, old products, dried out highlighters, ink-less pens and paperwork. Once I finished my cleansing, I began to analyze the areas of my life that have improved.

My Conscious

Donating all of your unwanted things is just the start of regaining your strength. We all want to help others and this is by far the simplest way of doing so. You’ll have the choice of donating directly to a shelter or an establishment such as Good Will. There's consignment stores, but I suggest avoiding that option because you’ll be enticed to buy things which is the opposite of minimalism.


I like to think of myself as an organized individual (at times). Now having less around makes it easier to keep my room clean for one! This has also trickled down to other areas of my life. I was able to stay on top of appointments and my overall organization skills strengthened and stretched in both my professional and personal life.


I had less distractions all together. It’s enough that social media is a distraction at any second of the day, having less around me, allows me to pay more attention to things of great importance (like blogging for MBB)!

Improved Health

Having clean and decluttered space will improve your overall mental and physical health. You’ll start by clearing out your space, next you’ll want to start eating cleaner (no more junk food, meats or excessive eating) and you’ll improve your cognitive thinking.

It has been a challenge keeping up with this new way of life, but it’s also helped me learn what I truly value in my life. Family, friends and my career have received greater attention than ever before. I know it seems nuts and how could this really make a difference, but I dare you to try it! Start off slow, just clearing out a drawer or a shelf. Once you start you’ll only want to clear out more space and before you know it you’re on your way to improving your way of life exponentially!