The Art of Wellness: Part Two


As a little girl I can remember pretending all of my baby dolls were sick and it was my job to make them feel better. I use to watch my Mother sip warm water with lemon & honey everyday so I thought that would heal my sick babies. It amazes me how when you have a calling on your life, often times the process begins as a child.


I first heard about Ayurveda when I began practicing yoga. I found it very interesting that it was something I didn’t hear about in College, and my field of study was healthcare. Ayurveda is an ancient system that is said to have originated in India thousands of years ago. The philosophy teaches balance and disorder, health and disease. Disease is created through genetics, as well as the interconnectedness between body, mind and spirit. When the body is out of balance with the mind and spirit, it is easy for disease to form.  However when all is aligned in the body, mind + spirit and is in-tune with the five essential elements: ether, air, fire, water and earth, the body is a self- healer.  Good health is the maintenance of one’s unique combinations of the doshas, which governs the internal biochemical changes that lead to either high or low metabolism.  Our three doshas are Pitta, Vataand Kapha.  Learning what your Dosha is can assist you in learning what you should eat, what exercises are best for you as well as what beauty products are perfect for your skin.

I have integrated this philosophy in my life from the heart of my home, the kitchen, to my daily + weekly regimen of self-care.  My kitchen consists of various herbs + spices that allow me to create my own tea and prepare well balanced meals for myself + family.  I infuse my own tea blends daily consisting of herbs purchased at a local shop. My vanity contains a mixture of natural oils {used to remove makeup}; organic facial cleanser that contains black soap + vitamin E oil, organic toner {used 3x a week}.  Itake steam bathe’s infused with a mixture I created that consists of lavender, rose buds, vitamin e + almond oil, Himalayan salt + coarse sea salt at least twice a week. Lastly I also gargle with sesame oil {3x a week} to pull all the impurities out of my body which helps maintain a healthy mouth. Remember the mouth is what leads to feeding our bodies so it too must be cleansed and kept healthy.

Continue to love + care for yourself first so that you can be of service to all others.