The Real Reason Why I Packed Up and Moved to LA


Photo Credit: TheHolyTrinitee

Stagnation is comfort on steroids. It creeps in slowly and amplifies. It takes vibrance and mutes it. Stagnation tries to steal the essence of your soul. And we let it. It’s not our fault. Comfort feels good. It feels safe.

But a few months ago, I made a decision. I didn’t want to be comfortable anymore. So against conventional wisdom, I bought a one-way ticket to a city I’ve never been to, a place that’s tugged at my curiosity ever since I could remember. On August tenth, I left my hometown of Fair Lawn to move to North Hollywood. I have no job, about $1700 to my name, and a credit card. I’m betting on myself. Why not? Right now I’m young, unencumbered (aside from student debt), and can uproot my life whenever.


I can’t say I truly hated living in Fair Lawn. After all, it was home. But something about the energy was wrong. It didn’t spark my creativity, and didn’t push me to be better than the day before. Listen to that. I mean really listen.

We all deserve a life that nurtures our passions. We all deserve a life filled with possibility. We deserve to feel inspired.


I am beginning to date a new city. There’s no guarantee I’ll fall truly madly deeply in love with it. But, I can’t wait to find out, and share my journey with you along the way.