Start Small So You Can Walk Tall: You Don’t Need Goals You Need a Purpose!


We are almost three months into the new year. This year is full of a celestial charge. Some have noted that 2019 is “The Year of Perspective” or “The Year of Creativity” either way creativity provides perspective.  As 2018 concluded, there was move towards honing in on one word for the year. This creates a very narrow and focused way of being and doing. No matter where you are in living your “Best Life” here are some tips that can help move into a more lasting change. Goals don’t get it but a deep soul stirring push towards purpose will create a whole new paradigm shift for your life.  As Dr. Michael Beckwith would say, “Sometimes you have to be pushed until your soul can pull you.”

Sacred Step Number One: Honor your faith or spiritual practice. No matter what is, create a morning routine that starts without social media or checking your email.  A book of devotionals is great or sacred text of your choice can help ground you. Create a playlist of inspirational or sacred music on your favorite music source.

Sacred Step Number Two: Honor where you are! We can sometimes overwhelm our senses with creating a multitude of goals and things to do. Look at one area of your life you want to focus on and start there. It is amazing how focusing on one area of your life translates into other areas. Focus, clarity and discipline can go a long way.

Sacred Step Number Three: What is your word? If you have not selected your word already, think about a word you want to carry with you this year. Look up the definition of that word and develop ways to practice the traits of that word, for example: Authenticity.  By definition the word means: to be in true alignment, the quality of being authentic. Create ways to exhibit the trait. For example, Saying “no” to things you don’t want to do and committing to causes, people and or groups that speak to your heart.

Sacred Step Number Four:  Your mind is comfortable in the current state of your affairs. In others words your mind is comfortable in the discomfort. Changing your behavior means changing your mind. You may think your mind's made up but after years of your subconscious mind programming you are hard wired to thoughts. For example, we start the year off with the idea of losing weight, starting a new business or getting a new job. Your mind freaks out and starts sending you messages that become a distraction and can sabotage your new direction.  So what do you do? Create new neurological pathways. Yes you can pray but if your beliefs don’t change, neither will you. YouTube has great mindset hacks and affirmations that can help you reframe and heal your life.

Sacred Step Number Five:  Self Compassion. No matter what, forgive yourself. Love yourself and be gentle with yourself. In the process of change, there will be upsets and path altering. Regroup and start again. Don’t stop and if you can, find an accountability partner to help in your process and preferably with someone who is just a few steps ahead of you.  This way you have perspective and a fire starter to fuel you along.

These are just a few steps to help you on your path to a lifestyle change in all areas.  Don’t compare your progress to that of others. Comparison is the killer of joy. Keep in mind starting small leads to walking tall.

Ber-Henda Williams is a  bilingual poet and  femolutionary+ visonary empath coach from the metro-Detroit area. She helps visionary women build lives and business that they love. She is also the founder of The Power of Girlhood, a girl’s leadership institute.  For more information, log on