These Top 5 Essentials Will Make Your Home, Homier this Fall

Your home is a sacred space; it should be warm, comforting and inviting. Whether your home is a house, an apartment or just a room, creating a homey space is essential. Outside of our homes we’re bombarded by discomforting sounds, sights and experiences so it's only right to create a space that allows you to decompress and recharge. This is crucial for your overall success. Since my roommate and I moved into my own apartment we’ve made it a point to turn our 960 sq. feet space into a creative hub that recharges us and stimulates us at the same time. The following list of items are some key pieces I use to make my home my homier.

1. Candles and/or essential oils diffuser

Burning candles or oils is therapeutic and calming. After a long workday it’s a great additive to decompressing.


2. Blankets and pillows

I load up on blankets and pillows because they bring the ultimate comfort and I like to feel like I’m lying on a cloud.

3. Kettle

When in need of a nice cup of tea or to make a cup of noodles a kettle is an added flair.

4. Plant and/or flowers

Having greenery or colors from a bouquet of flowers will instantly brighten up the room and your spirits!

5. Reading material

We all have suffered from not being able to fall asleep, so having some reading material that’s NOT on an electronic device is a go to for me! Even if you’re not much of a bookworm, magazines are a great alternative!