#MyMagicIs Campaign : What's Your Magic?

We all have it. You know, that thing that fulfills us, that thing that moves us. That thing that gives our lives meaning and elevates it to new heights.

That magic.

That radiates from us like sun beams and expands our smiles like a child being introduced to ice cream for the very first time. That magic that can only be defined by us.

We all have our own definition of what magic is and more specifically what OUR magic is.

To us, it is synonymous for passion. It’s purpose-driven. It’s our confidence, creativity, perspective, fullness, beauty, power, resilience, and that’s only the beginning.

Creating the #MyMagicIs campaign was important to us because we wanted to promote the diversity and depth of what magic is beyond the “Black Girl Magic” perimeters and give women of color a platform to express their individuality.

We made it our mission to reaffirm the power of sisterhood by encouraging participants to honor a woman whose magic inspires them. Through this campaign, our goal is to see our community spread positivity, embrace their magic and own it!

Follow us on our journey to explore what magic is from different perspectives and join in on the campaign by sharing your voice.

Here's how you can participate:

1. Click on the "Social Media" template under "Create a design" on Canva.com

2. Upload a photo of yourself.

3. Download the #MyMagicIs template (here).

4. Fill in the blanks

5. Share your magic on social media and tag @MyBrownBox #MyMagicIs