The Art of Letting Go: Moving Into Your Queendom


I read something the other day and it said, “Sleep doesn’t help if it’s your soul that’s tired”

And it triggered so many conversations, ideas and provisions. I had to learn the “Art of Letting Go”, and talk about a process! I was in this box built with bricks of validation, depression, self-neglect and feeling the need to be involved with everything around me to make sure I stayed “seen”. Once you get tired (and I mean I was tired mentally, and it was taking a toll of my physical well-being) you have no choice but to pick up those dragging feet and move yourself to your peace. I had to take a look inside of myself, determine what it was I wanted out of this life God gave me, and how I was going to use the tools he gave me.

Bondage and baggage had everything to do with how that box I was stuck in was built, and the only person who could tear those walls down was the one who built it. I was bound by failed relationships, situtationships, abandonment, and let’s not forget a doubtful mind that was telling me I couldn’t do the things I wanted to do. With the devil being as busy as he was, I created an insecure atmosphere.

You know that video of Lauryn Hill giving a speech to youth back in 2000? It was that video that helped me get to where I am at this very moment. Watch it here.

That Queen was twenty-five years old and spitting major knowledge. The twenty-five part has an insane amount of influence on me, not because I should be where she was at twenty-five, but because I had to wake up, and with me turning twenty-five this year, I had to start climbing this wall of greatness. You know, things happen when they are supposed to so here I am now, at twenty-four adjusting this crown, wearing and rocking it as I dance to the beat of my own drum.

She was aware of the baggage she was carrying and confronted it. But see, I’m the girl with the U-Haul truck full of baggage. There were bags of hurt filled in that U-Haul but once you become aware, and work, those bags slowly start to disappear.  I always questioned why relationships (situationships) /ideas/dealings didn’t work, and then it clicked and I chose to be still and listen (FINALLY)

1. It’s not working, because he/it isn’t for you.

2. You keep chasing what God DOESN’T have for you

You CANNOT expect things out of others that you can’t even give. (Love, trust, commitment, and just a clear mind) I was in a place of knowing who I was, and what I wanted but couldn’t execute. I had to correct then execute the progress I had made because if you don’t WORK, nothing will.

I was growing, but still playing the victim as if I didn’t have full control over MY LIFE. I knew the things that were holding me back so I detoxed from the toxic people that were in my life. I began having conversations with God about what he wanted me to do, because after all I am his. Everything I wanted to do was his gifts, and ideas through me!

So I started basking in my Queendom and moving forward free of shackles and chains. [Tweet "I stopped living for what people wanted me to be, what they envisioned for me and started living for who I was destined to be."]

So to all my sistah’s, work on you because once we are whole, we're an untouchable force! We have the right to choose happiness, so choose it Queen.