60 Podcasts by Black Women to Add to Your Rotation

The era of podcast is here, and of course we’ve pulled together a list of podcasts we love but we also asked our MBB community what they’re listening to and here’s what we got!

  1. Angela Yee Lip Service

  2. Brown Girl Alchemy

  3. Nikkie’s Thoughts

  4. Black Girl Podcast

  5. The Sexually Liberated Woman

  6. Therapy for Black Girls

  7. BLK + Grad School

  8. Bad at Love Podcast

  9. Cherished Flight Podcast

  10. Passing Through Podcast

  11. Blooming in Black

  12. The Boonie Breakdown Podcast

  13. Inside the Pink Podcast

  14. Dating While Black the Podcast

  15. Find the Lie Podcast

  16. Around the Way Curls

  17. Jesus and Jollof

  18. Inner Hoe Uprising

  19. The Blossoming Woman Podcast

  20. Godess x Culture

  21. Black Balance Podcast

  22. Whoreible Decisions

  23. Unbought. Unbossed. Unfinished.

  24. Dating in NYC

  25. Journey to Launch

  26. Melanin and Mental Health/ Between Sessions Podcast

  27. Supervision Support

  28. Fire Flies Unite Podcast

  29. Experiencing Motherhood: Single and Black

  30. Switch Pivot or Quit

  31. Fck Work But Imma Go

  32. Depth and Candor

  33. Balanced Black Girl Podcast

  34. Not Quite All Together

  35. Confessions of a Werkaholic

  36. Journey to Launch

  37. Side Hustle Pro

  38. Dressed for Battle Podcast

  39. Black Therapist Podcast

  40. A Walk in My Stilettos

  41. Put Yourself on Podcast

  42. Best Fren Pod

  43. Courtney L. Sanders

  44. Dreams in Drive

  45. Minding My Black Business

  46. Plus Size Magic

  47. Tuesday Dinner Podcast

  48. Redefine Enough

  49. Brown Ambition Podcast

  50. The Lotus Circle Podcast

  51. Maya’s Moment

  52. Melanin Voices Podcast

  53. Dem Black Mamas Podcast

  54. The Wellness Geek

  55. Fare of the Free Child

  56. Black Girl in OM

  57. Hey Girl Podcast

  58. MyTaughtYou

  59. Fav Baby Mama

  60. Mad Milfy Podcast

Do you listen to a podcast that we didn’t include on the list? Leave it in the comments. Check out our past list here.