An Open Letter to the Brotha's


A Tribute to You, from Me. Before I start, I was going to try and use big words to better suit what I had to say to you but nothing would suffice like real, regular, and raw words. So, I hope you feel me, because the intent of this letter is to let you know my appreciation.

I had to recover from loving (such a young love) a few of you. You gave me the strength that I needed to love myself in ways that no other could. The way you made me laugh, but then made me cry; the way you were strong but made me feel weak; the way you loved; and the way you didn’t. You see, these are the things that helped me discover me and above all else, love me. While I was breaking down over you not loving me to the maximum of your capability, it forced me to appreciate (it took me hella long) the amount of influence you have on me. To know you is to love you and it literally took me 24 years to even say thank you for the lessons.

The zeal I have to love you won’t go away because you’re hesitant to love me whole heartedly. (With good reason. hell, I’ve emasculated some of you) It gives me much more reason to find out about my ability to love you, even when I have no idea what our future holds. The bitterness of not being completely loved by you (the few previous ones) to the maximum of your capability won’t keep me from being restored as I’m on this quest to get you to see that you need me (Black Women). Life (my life) is about living, today and for today only. If I’m going to love you, I’m going to love the shit out of you not thinking about the unsureness of this route to our relationship.

Through it all, I long for your presence on this earth and the thought of THEM taking you out one by one leaves my heart dissatisfied. While THEY paint this incompetent picture that wears and tears on you, I’m here to encourage you and build you back up without any hesitation because right then, all you would need is my affection. You’re an inspiration to me. Your energy brings power to me. I’m captivated by the amount of power you have just by showing up in a room. I promise to be here for you on your worst days, and vow to show you off on your best ones.

You gotta remain strong (which inspires me to be strong for you) in all your flaws because the man you are today, is the one you are raising for our tomorrow. With all you encounter; you still stand on your own two feet, surviving, pushing through, and making a way for others around you.

Stand tall my brotha, I’m wit you.

With all my love,


To My Black Man, I raise my crown to acknowledge yours.