7 Ways to Fight Homesickness


The sparkle wears off. And you're left with the what the f— am I doing here feeling?

Los Angeles can be a really isolating place. You experience everything through a glass. Everybody drives. If you don’t, you get wrapped up in this haze of heat and loneliness. It’s enough to make anyone homesick. I've found a few ways that helped me cope.

1. OMG FaceTime Someone You’re in a new place with unfamiliar faces. Sometimes just having one conversation with your best friend, your mom, or even your childhood mailman (okay maybe not that last one) will do you a world of good. Don’t hesitate to reach out and get in touch.

2. Find a Familiar Place There’s a reason you go to Europe and somehow end up at McDonalds. Those golden arches are never different. That mustard and ketchup color scheme as abrasive as it may be, feels like home. #Merica.

For me a familiar place is nature. Sit in the middle of a park and close your eyes. It’s basically the same anywhere you go: People on blankets, runners, children screaming, and people laughing. It may not be my park, but it still creates that at home vibe.

3. Get the HELL Off Social Media I’m serious. Nothing makes you more homesick that seeing all the perfectly curated fun your friends are having without you. Nothing makes you feel more isolated than knowing that you’re doing this in your underwear eating air popped popcorn on a Friday or Saturday night. So stop. Just take a social hiatus and thank me later!

4. Workout “Endrophins make you happy and happy people just don’t kill their husbands.” In the wise words of Elle Woods, seriously, you can’t spiral into despair when you’re pumped with endorphins. Get up and move. It’s enough to give you a positive outlook.

5. Cry I give you total permission to cry. Big boys and girls are allowed to cry. Sometimes a good cry is cathartic and if that’s your release. Let. It. Out. I cried on and off all day once. I even played one of my favorite Dane Cook skits and laugh cried.

6. Make A To-Do List Establish normalcy! Having a plan makes you feel like you’re getting somewhere. Even if one of the boxes was “consider getting bangs again”. I considered it and decided it’s better left in the past.

7. Get Creative! Paint, write, dance, or sew together some drapes a la Sound of Music—whatever expression of self you need. Do it. But make it tangible. It grounds you.

Please, share yours too! I want to know how you deal with homesickness. It’s always a good idea to have more tools in the arsenal.