5 Ways to Release Stress This New Year


With all the stress that life has to offer it's vital to your health to find positive ways to release stress. Stress can literally KILL you and I don't know about you guys but I have way to many things to do to die.  So I've compiled a list that has worked for me in the past year that I hope can help you as well. Let's get into this...


Exercising is a main source used for people to take out their everyday stress. The best way to do this is to explore some exercise options that work best with you. If you're a runner, go for a morning jog to clear your mind before your day even starts. If you're one of those people that like intense action look into boxing classes near you. If you are more of the calm kind of being, look into some Yoga classes in your neighborhood. Find out what kind of exercise method will help you relieve stress in whatever way is the most comfortable to you. Also don't feel like you only have to stick to one, on Monday you might need a little jog to get through the day, and by Friday you might want to be Floyd in the ring.


I've realized that the more I thought about whatever was stressing me out the worst it made me feel. The only way to not let stress control you is to change your attitude. Stop concentrating on that one thing that's bothering you and pay more attention to the good that's going on. You have to change the way you look at situations or you're going to let that stress eat you up everyday.


In 2015 I can honestly say that electronics are the DEVIL! To be able to sit through a dinner at a restaurant with a group of people and not have ONE person look at their phone is rare. We can do almost anything with our devices and that's including looking over that paperwork that has been stressing us out all week. Sometimes it's good to just NOT be in constant contact or in instant reach of everyone.

My cell phone broke for about a week a couple months ago and no one could get in contact with me. It was the most peaceful week of my life. After that I decided a couple times throughout the week I would just randomly power my cellphone off. Whether it be for an hour or three hours just that little bit of time for myself instantly brings my mood back up. Try going a couple of hours without your devices and see the difference in your stress levels.


We all have something or somewhere that keeps us from completely falling apart. My happy place tends to be wherever I can get some good food and wine. One of my closest friends happy place happens to be church. We all need a place that we can go to that helps us escape the craziness and stress of life even if it only lasts an hour. Think of a place that you feel calm at or happy and use that place whenever you feel overwhelmed. The best thing about it is that it can be anywhere you want and there's no limit to how many happy places you can have.


Sometimes you need just that one conversation with whoever it is that you praise. Prayer has been known to put our souls at ease and to help clear our minds. Take some time out throughout your day to just pray, it might just help center your thoughts and add clarity to whatever you are going through.

What are other positive ways that you ladies relieve stress? Leave a comment letting us know!