Master Your Interview With These 4 Preparation Tips

Being a recent college graduate and moving across the country from Miami to Los Angeles without a job lined up was the biggest career risk I’ve taken to date. All I had was a goal, to obtain a job in the field of writing or entertainment. After applying to countless positions both within and outside of these respected fields, I managed to land two job interviews. One position fell within range of my expertise, customer service, and the other was in the entertainment field, specifically casting. Spoiler alert! I was offered both jobs, and I want to share with you my recipe as to how I get through the interviewing process.

The key ingredients are: be comfortable (this will give you confidence), be happy (you’re never fully dressed without a smile) and be yourself. This may seem impossible because the entire process can be intimidating, but when you’re prepared you’ll be able to relax. Now with your ingredients you’ll have to follow the instructions listed below in order to achieve your best result, a.k.a. landing the job.

1. Do your research and study for it!

Believe me once I graduated I was thrilled that I would never study again, but when it’s for something you really want it’s fun!

Studying for a job entails learning about the company, learning about the person(s) who will be interviewing you and learning about the position. The latter is probably the most important thing to look into; even before applying to the position because you want to know what you’ll be earning aside from a paycheck. It’s a given to know your salary, but you should also look into the average number of weekly hours required for the position and if there is room for growth. We’re blessed to have the power of Google and LinkedIn which can supply us with all this information and then sum! With this knowledge, you’ll be confident when going into the interview and you’ll score brownie points when you’re prepared to ask questions to the interviewer. Remember flattery isn’t dead, so knowing some facts about your interviewer and posing questions will always impress and show how much you value the individual and the company.

2. Review your qualifications

Think of the awards, recognitions you’ve received, promotions and previous experiences that are applicable to the position.

Now, I started working the week after I turned sixteen so I have a great deal of experience, which came in handy when apply to both of these positions. For the casting job, I applied previous experiences of my role in sales and my academic knowledge of communications to land the gig. When I interviewed for the customer service job I boasted about the promotions and titles I received, which made me a favorable candidate. As for those of us who haven’t had any job experience, but have still managed to snag an interviewee spot that’s an accomplishment! So talk about your academics studies, the group projects you were the leader of, your responsibilities in the clubs or organizations you were apart of, the meetings or gathering you held. There is a reason you’re sitting in the interviewee seat, and this should give you an additional boost of confidence!

3. Get a sufficient amount of sleep

I was torn between making studying or sleep the first step, but if you want a solid nights rest it’s best to be prepared first.

It’s crucial to clock sufficient amount of hours of sleep before an interview. I’ve had plenty of restless nights myself because my anxiety got the best of me, but there is always a remedy. Some of my personal favorites are: exercising before bed, reading, meditating and practicing slow and rhythmic breathing exercises.

4. Eat something healthy

Another crucial step in the recipe for a successful interview is to eat! It’s important to eat something before you step into that interviewing room and it’s best that it’s nourishing and not something like french fries (I won’t judge though, because french fries are magical). Side note: if you suffer from anxiety like I do, and you can’t stomach the thought of food, eat something basic; a banana, almonds or yogurt.

The final touches of the recipe is to remember that you’ve gotten through the toughest part, applying and getting a call back. Just remember throughout your interview you’re more than qualified and being comfortable, happy and yourself is going to get you the job.